Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
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incase i want to go back and look at my old replays

Off-topic: You can always copy your replays to 3.2

Anyways, nice tutorial.
Tripstone says: heh
Tripstone says: clanless sucks
masterjepo says: Evolution isn't any better
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rave here are two ways to spell it

you spelled "there" wrong!

(couldn't resist)... good job on the tut by the way!
<3 Toribash!
Lots of shit on your desktop.
They made folders for reasons.
Nice tut, nonetheless.
im gonna try that
wen it isnt 1:13 in the morning
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if god is with me and if i belived in god and im sure he is in the room with me, i just wish he brought a extention cord

toontown wtf.


Back on topic; Excellent tutorial my good man If only we could get glowy joints... like holographic versions of all the current joints. Glowing Marine, Glowing Gold, Glowing Gaia, Glowing Elf, etc.

*starts poking hampa until he makes glowing joints (and motion trails :O)*
Thanks guys! yes i need to get rid of some shorcuts

And again please post some of your stuff you made from this! i wanna see how much it helped!
Aff you hack