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Sensei Needs You!

Oh no! Sensei is in trouble!! He has forgotten his staff of wisdom and needs you to obtain it! Sensei is an old man, and has a hard time moving in his old age. It is up to you to get it for him! However, beware as there are other individuals attempting to steal the staff you must defeat them to obtain Sensei's staff and return it to him.

This will be a 64 player knockout style event. Your goal is to beat everyone else, and obtain the staff!

You will be matched with a player once sign ups are over, once you are matched you must get in contact with said person and compete in a mod listed below. Whoever wins the match will progress into the next round.

No editing the mod rules
If you miss your match, you are out. The deadline will not be extended.
Please do not sign up for this event if you won't be active. Players who sign up only to go inactive may receive an infraction.
Make sure to include your GMT in your post.

1st place: + Full Sakura + 60k TC + 5x
2nd place: + Sakura relax + 40k TC + 3x

Sign ups are open for two weeks
Sign ups are closed as soon as 64 players have been reached.
You have 8 days to complete your first match, the rest of your matches you will have 7 days to complete your matches

The mods you may use are:


Note~ When playing your matches, it's first to 3. And you may play in 1 of the mods or in multiple mods as long as it's one of the allowed mods.

Credit and thanks to Horizon for the art.
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I've sent a pm to Zwar, he's been online but hasn't answered

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still no answer from my opponent.

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Same story with my opponent

Hi, if they do not respond by the 15th, I will shoot them a PM. If they still don't manage to get their match done with y'all then you guys will move on to the next round.
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Dare 3 - 0 Donut

Dare raped me and then i beat him literally next lenshu match but that didn't matter :P
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