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Post-Punk/Gothic rock music
I personally think these two genres are terribly underrated. If you listen to post punk, what are your favorite artists? I listen to Danse Society, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Eden House, and the Chameleons right now. I'd say the Chameleons takes the cake as my favorite post-punk group.
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they are really not underrated, especially post-punk

try the sound - jeopardy if u want the classic gloomy post-punk sound
interpol - turn on the bright lights is pretty great post-punk revival with some upbeat and catchy songs
talking heads - fear of music (drugs is the last track) is less gloomy and has more groove than regular post-punk, but theres still a cold feeling to it. i prefer remain in light but thats hardly post-punk, except for the last song
everyone has listened to unknown pleasures already, but u might not have listened to closer which is pretty much just as good and essential

im not really into gothic rock yet so i cant say much
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Someone tell me why this guy is highly respected by some people ???