Nice smoothness. The head kick was really impressive seeing that the leg was so far back. You should really try harder in your replays.
opener was pretty boring and slow
but dude
the spinny kick after that was cool.
should've extended or laxed your right knee for extra swag points
keep this shit up nikka
i'd like to mention that at this particular point in time my replay thread has exactly 1 more view than thiggists

better luck next time
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i wish you would have gotten a boom hit
too floaty though, .1/10
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don't talk to me or my dudes ever again
i mean, it's not bad but you can do so much more with it
you should try to make like, a super cool spin or something rather than instantly grabbing uke for the kill
other than that you're movement looks nice and the split looked fine
after the split you should've extended the leg you kicked with, this would help you maintain a good balance mid-air so that you could've made a cleaner hit for the arm dm and what not
i like the pose

so yeah hobomoose you're pretty cool and i love your avvy