Dear Glimpsed,How does one become a replay maker such as yourself? I have tried and tried but I am unable.

P.S pretty dope replay 10/10 - IGN

thanks goughy

I don't know whats wrong with me today but i made another replay
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legbash.rpl (273.1 KB, 22 views)
toe launch daddy
You still somehow manage to make half of your tori move with style which is really impressive. The other really impressive bit is the kick at the end with an unexpected amount of destruction, without the momentum of your body that's really hard to pull off so bravo on that. If I had to nitpick one little tiny tiny thing I think it would be nicer if the legs posed standing up instead of falling over.

I really like this replay and I think it's my favourite replay of yours so far, awesome job!
<BISH> kick chan my modes are moving on their own~
I'm glad I could make something you like Mr mash

I told Goughy to try and stump me with an opener and he started me upside down with no arms

he gonna have to try HARDER *trigger happy*

this is an open letter, try and send me an opener that i can't continue off and ill give it a go
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LegGangTraining.rpl (493.4 KB, 17 views)
toe launch daddy
how are you even able to execute these ideas holy fuck, you're fucking next level man.

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