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Make it cry!!!
What would be the various methods you will use to make a baby cry?
Its a small baby,its illiterate can't speak & neither understand the #### things also

Altough I love babies but this is just for various strange ideas people wold have in their brain..
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What about eating an ice-cream o lolypop in front of it..

Stange & torturing ideas please..rather than saying pinch it,lick it etc
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fart in his face. It'll make him cry and throw up.
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My love for u has gotten me detention like 4 times lol
kill its parents in front of it, then leave it in a bat infested cave.

wait for child to become caped crusader

then kick him.
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Verbally insult its tits.

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Introduce it to IRC

It's a small baby & not a will not even know what the heck you speak.It may find it amusing && laugh its ass off.........

scare him using a mask
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