DUDE. that shit was pretty fuckin awesome, however, i didnt like the stop in between but it leads to something really cool with the toss of and kick to uke's torso, also getting the decap there is kinda wierd cause you didnt actually kick it or near it, but its just a personal thing so w/e. Also the spins at the start was pretty quirky. gfj

also the kick to the glutes, now that was one powerful kick, but you didn't utilise it properly at all, i understand trying to make the replay more polished and even, but using your shin to get the glute dms instead of your foot was annoying, that and your foot was literally in uke's lumbar and without the dm there it looks unnatural and awkward considering your foot was no where near his head and you still got that dm. in general it just makes the dm's in this replays look inconsistent. in addition, im fine with people not posing but if youre going to try and make your replay look polished, imo you need a pose, despite how much i hate doing them.

i also saw some missed opportunities the little kick to ukes abs before you toss him is kinda wierd since it doesnt do anything but it got me thinking that if you dismembered the abs there and then threw him into the kick and got the three piece boom it would make the ending more impactful and kinda fill the awkwardness after slowing down your momentum in the middle.

i agree with mack on the throw, the feet couldve been extended a bit more so that your stance looks more stable, that being said though, the lean into the throw where youre touching the ground and the transition into the on to your knee is sekc.

also super props for doing this in -40, i probably couldnt. i'm being really fucking harsh cause this a really good fucking replay, but there a few flaws and im sure you can do better <3. also, i cant do half the shit in this replay so props man, youre great. also pls cnc my thread.
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