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[OSHI] Music thread
I hope all of you like music. and hopefully good music too
So thread is all about posting your farvorite music right now.
Don't think out a cool song or album that OSHI members will like just take a song/album you like.

This is my favorite right now.
I don't like the first song so start from 2.
Best one is 4 imo.

Your turn
PM me with any and all questions
Lol, thats awesome!

By the way, you a furry?

This is what Im listening to when Im in-game.
Because I got a hangover, woaaahooo.
I like cartooned furries :3 if anyones online jo Spar.
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PM me with any and all questions
Originally Posted by Wik View Post
well i was going to say lapfox but hat beat me to it

i like his work

plus this is an epic song

I think that song is made by the group 407, Right?
I recognized the account name :P
PM me with any and all questions