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11 Votes / 55.00%
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4 Votes / 20.00%
3 Votes / 15.00%
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I believe Darkdranz will be able to do a good job here, so my vote goes to him
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my vote goes to my twin bro' DD
"0h no" -Trice
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i am active lol...
i finaly got my internet fixed so...
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I'm on my summer vacation, so yeah.

And we have like 5 L-mod slots, better not put that to waste.

My vote goes to DD.
and dranz jumps into the lead

also about the 5 slots

we will probably roll them over one at a time
back from the dead
oh yeah can i vote for two guys since we has 5 slots?
"0h no" -Trice
A.K.A Tricerafi || Thanks Papa Donut, bless you
Good idea imo.
Also if i'm not mistaken this org is for gathering skilled people and getting cnc. I'd suggest we make a thread where you have to cnc the 2 people above you when you post. Would keep the spam out and the thread nice and concrete.
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