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Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey just amazing

i can use it?

Uhhhh.... depends on what you want to use it for...
I'll never understand how you get all these dms man :L
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Oh hey, look! A madman that isn't rusty as fuck

Aaaaaand ofc it has to glitch out. Sorry for the nitpickers, but it isnt too bad.
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the glitch didn't bother me as much as the head hits

great manip, great dm's. especially loved the leg thing you did around the frames where you decapped
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selling goodies
generic opener
hit at 730 doesnt do much and you slow uke down afterwards like what
the manip is all gucci
the dms are gucci
except for your own wrist dm like what why keep that

also dude head hits

i still like this replay a lot
Whelp, you actually had me start up toribash, which I hadn't done for like, a month, so you have that going for you, which is nice.

I can't believe you still enjoy making replays lol. I guess I got burnt out too quick XD

Seriously though, you're amazeballs at SP.
Watched some of your other stuff. It almost makes me wish I didn't stop making replays XD
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I loved that replay 10/10 head hits didn't really matter to me you made them work so fluid gave me a orgasm Love how you went thru uke at the end
Yo, collab with Charlest0n!

l We both added our own little ending twists l
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