Create a replay on one of the three mods or I cry for not being able to put you on our list

For real though, we both know you're good enough to get in. Even if you made a shitty parkour in 15 minutes, I'm sure you would get 90% yes from the members.
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hi i'm karbn and i eat ass; love the market overlord
Hi. I make replays. Karbn asked me to apply, so I did.
I also do some real life stuff, here's a link to my insta if you like that kind of shit
Oh, and here's a bad replay.
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Eyyyy, we'll cnc this and get back to you on whether you get in or not.
hi i'm karbn and i eat ass; love the market overlord
No problem perf

Excellent video as always, the music feels so sad though! The CC was very pretty XD
Mack is now a member. Congrats!
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hi i'm karbn and i eat ass; love the market overlord

I'm pretty rusty from not parkouring in a while, but here ya go. Please close your eyes during the climbing.
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heyyy, welcome around my man. we're reviewing your app right now, we'll get back to you in a couple days. good luck!

Welcome to the team swepples. The votes were faster for this round
hi i'm karbn and i eat ass; love the market overlord

Howdy! it is I, your friendly neighborhood, weeb Liony

I'm here to be accepted, and I refuse not being accepted though I'm not into parkour... BUT I'm Karbn (you, reading this) lil pupil and close friens so there is no way I shouldn't be added to this fat list of good parkourers.

About the finished parkour, I think that would be a problem but I have some half finished ones that may count

Amazon Forest parkour and Ninja Warrior 2 are finished tho, these are the worthier watching
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Parkour #1 - Amazon Forest.rpl (2.94 MB, 1 views)
+++NWTheAmazonForest.tbm (22.9 KB, 1 views)
ninja_warrior_parkour2.tbm (17.0 KB, 1 views)
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