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Portrait I'm working on

Practicing my portrait drawing skills :P I got lazy when I got to the shirt, might continue later.
Work in progress vid:

Made in Photoshop, I have no idea how long I spent, lost track of time.
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Well done!, The porportion looks correct, the shading and lighting is very well done. I am not an artist but I can tell you know your stuff.

How long did it take for you to draw?
The face looks really well done, shadows and lighting done well. I'd recommend working on how you place clothing, like the collar of the shirt looks a bit strange, still looks good though. Cheers all around!
no, mrs. obama, i don't want a handy.
Thanks man, clothing is a lot of work :/

I continiued a little bit, and added some colour, idk, I kinda like the black and white best tbh