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Lighting/Glow Body Parts

Hello community,

I've been thinking this idea for a few weeks ago and as I've seen no one has said it on a thread. Consist about some body parts glow, for example the fists, feet and maybe inside the textures too.


Body Parts
The effect may not be like an object or a flame, needs to be attached on the body part, like the textures (but isn't that at all). It's like the inside of tori glows and as its a light, must illuminate the place and the near objects or the opponent. I honestly don't know much how this can be created but I did an illustration of this.


Lighting on textures
The way this might be possible is to make an special requirement inside the art of the texture. Maybe a pattern or a specific color can be use it to activate the glow in-game.



The intensity of the glow shouldn't be changed by users,because if it's able to change it, someone can set the intensity too high and will annoying and may lag. So it would be better and easy if its set to one level for default.

To change the color can be on the forum's options where you can select them. Each glow might be with a different color.

So this was the idea so far. I'm pretty sure you guys may have some good ideas for this.Thanks for read it, hope you like it.
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For me, it is most definitely glowing. Maybe it's different for everyone, or different clients.
I think trails could be merged to this idea either, maybe removing trails as a singular thing and adding them to this idea. Or maybe adapting them to the saturation of the glowing part so you could use both without looking awkward.
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What kind of bug is that, and how do you get it going?

If you hover over the left ankle on your tori it makes your whole tori glow, for me it made all of my joint textures glow and didnt mess with the body, but i got a different client and hovered on my left ankle and it made my whole tori glow