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Add a mod mail in discord instead of reporting in forums.
i suggest making a channel with all the game rules for reporting for dueling etc...(can be easily copied from the forum) what ever else u want to add in general reports and its rules then get a bot that's a mod mail where you can talk with and it will ask you what type of report you want ? then u press a number depending on which one u want for like lets say you want a scam report then it notifies all mods that are related to this specific report, i feel like this is a really good idea its easier. i see nothing bad with this and i have seen many people complain about it in discord.Note: this mod mail is a bot, many people have it added and can customize what it does here is one for example here is one as well
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This mechanic has a flaw, impacient people could just spamm the bot and the mods would have their dms floded with the same guy trying to get his report through