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Bug: 0 TC 0 ST 0 Qi, unable to claim rewards
Hello there. I've been gone from the game for about five years. I was a blue belt when I left. Coming back, the game said I was a white belt. That's fine, I don't really remember how to play. But I've noticed it's not that simple. I'm suffering from a number of bugs that I've tried everything I can think of to fix, and I'm wondering if they don't all stem from the fact that my account is from 2014. They are as follows:

1. Logging in, I am shown to have 0 TC, 0 ST, and 0 Qi (white belt) in the menu. Relogging will fix the TC count, but I will still show 0 ST and a white belt, no matter what. Opening my account info shows that I have 410 Qi, but it neither increases when I fight nor can I use it in the shop. During fights I am shown to be a blue belt. And I have 2 Shiai Tokens that I received from the recent opener event.

2. The shop does not allow me to purchase Qi restricted items, even before I was suddenly greylisted and can no longer trade in the shop (so now I'm definitely not able to lol)

3. Attempting to check my inventory results in no menu opening. It remains blank. The only way to change my gear is to do it in the forum shop.

4. Attempting to claim daily rewards or quest rewards merely causes the menu to act like it's working on it, but never actually do anything. I've let it run for fifteen minutes straight, it just keeps spinning.

I've run the game both on steam edition and standalone, version 5.43, as administrator, and done full reinstalls of each in an attempt to resolve the issue, but have had no luck.

My most recent stderr.txt is as follows:


And screenshots of my problems are here:


Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.
Hi, please make sure you have read and write permissions for Toribash folder. Issues you have are likely a result of data files either not updating or not being read properly.
Further steps taken, no resolution as yet
1. I have ensured that all files inside steamapps>common>toribash are unchecked as read-only and are not hidden, making sure to check the item.dat specifically.

2. I have manually given full access permissions to every possible user and user definition to the toribash folder and all of its children folders and files. Anything in that directory may now be modified by anyone or anything that even looks at my computer.

3. I have run steam and the game with full administrator privileges after taking the above steps.

No problems have been resolved or have changed in any way. The stderr.txt is as follows:


Am running Windows 10. Have also ensured that Windows Defender controlled folder access is turned off and proper permissions are enabled for the entire drive that the game is stored on.
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Can you upload your item.dat (located in Toribash/custom/Alyxandeyr/ folder) and invent.txt (Toribash/data/script/system/torishop/) files, please?