Endurance Onslaught 3.0
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is it possible to wear your own made textures even if you haven't bought any from the market..... i.e
i have very low TC but can i put my own textures without ever wanting to buy one or do i have to buy one, only then will that option be available to me??
No, actually you can wear your own textures without the items.
Go into your toribash directory and go to your custom folder. Find your username and name your head texture head.tga.
Copy and paste this into your folder.
Keep in mind tbat when you paste your textures into your custom folder, only you can see the textures. Nobody else online can see them.
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Yes, If you want other people to be able to see it you need to buy the appropriate item for your texture(s)
You can choose from different pixels. 128, 256, 512.
If you made your texture in a high definition resolution, you must use 512 so it wont change when you upload it.
Make a texture with the appropriate size for your texture item.

If you dont use the appropriate size, it will automatically be resized when upload and may change in what it will look in-game.