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[Solved]I have a question about this move...
I am a begginer at Toribash, and I have a question.
I just came up with this kick, but I'm having trouble hitting it.
Any suggestions? I'm messing around on the pecs right now to improve it...
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oh yeah
How did you make this? Normal turnframes or you used shift+P(space)?
I suggest to raise earlier on the left arm when your about to turn upside down so you push yourself back to uke and hit with the kick
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I used Shift+P and "E".
I've got this move now, that I made while waiting for reply.
I'll try out your tip =) thanks.
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oh yeah
Nice move.
You need to gain momentum and speed so you can hit uke hard enough to get him DMed.
You didn't move much on your left arm on the second turn.
Experiment on pecs,chest and shoulders to gain speed and glutes for aiming on the kick.
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Just keep trying until you get what you aim for

hey, i would also like to share about limpstyle if you dont know what it is.
Limpstyle is where you put some(majority) of the joints on relax. Sometimes, relaxed joints hit harder than with force. Like for example, kicking. You can hit harder when you relax your ankle when your kicking and may gain DMs.
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Yay! DM on second kick! =D
Limpstyle xD I always do that, because I think that relaxed stuff works like a whip to increase momentum =) I also use my knees and elbows because they presented to be very strong.
Here's the replay:

EDIT: HEY! I managed to rip Uke in half after aiming a bit better =D happyface
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oh yeah
Way the go dude.

All's left is to hit a better joint like the chest or the head and a good ending pose.
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