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[AS 1.0] What games do you play?
Tell me what games you like to play?

I started today Warframe and its little bit hard for me but had a really cool graphics;)
I play brawlhalla once/week
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The games I play are CS:GO, Toribash, NBA 2k18 and occasionally The Sims 3.
I play CS:GO pretty much everyday because its fun when you're just goofing around with your friends and seeing the opponent rage is also neat. I don't really play TB a lot nowadays but I still try to play it once in a while. Been playing NBA 2k18 for like 2 months now. It's quite a fun game but I only do MyLeague and MyCareer. I play The Sims 3 to design houses when I'm bored.
League Of Legend but stopped for like one month cause of internet problems. I used to play Warframe but stopped too I might get back on it idk
Mainly Toribash, CSGO and PubG ... playing some other games from time to time when I feel like it ..

On phone I started playing NFS No Limits daily ... its pretty addicting.
Currently a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links and Skyrim.
I'm playing neither a healthy amount of time.
Wade: AS suck ass
Been playing alot of competitive Super Smash Bros Brawl, and Melee, (been going to tourneys and shit with my team), Modding the fuck outta Minecraft is something Ive been doing recently since my computer is a savage beast. Oh and I play Darksouls 1,2 and 3 alot.
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I have a lot of styles I like to play.

Skyrim, 7 days to die, Toribash, World of tanks, War thunder(But now Gaijin has turned into a bad community in my opinion), Overall any game about survival, Tanks, or Adventure/Fighting.