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Gui Glitch
Hello, I Have sold my GUI Items now, But for some reason everything is still there. I wouldn't mind if they weren't fully white.

Help please?

(Tried restarting twice)
Try logging out of your account in game and back in, if that doesn't work do /lp 0 and /dl 0 (your name here) and then /lp 0 (your name here) on yourself, and you can also check your account file on Toribash, first find your Toribash folder, then find the folder named custom in your toribash folder, then find your name and see if the Gui is there then delete that file in your folder or delete your folder and let it re download in game, hope i helped.
ok, i'll try. Thanks
I just deleted my iNNzB00M1 custom folder then downloaded it, fixed it. Thanks dude c:
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