Name: Daquawn aka SwagKingDM

Age: 14 bout to be 15

Belt: black belt

Forum activity and ingame activity: everyday after school except on the weekends

Toribash experience: I am well experienced in fighting higher belt than myself but I can git distracted to easly

About your life: NOT INSTRESTING I just go to school and play games I'm not realy an outside person I spend most of my life in my room but I am a very open person

Why do you want to join: because this is the only clan that seems to be friendly and nice and actually can talk to me all the others were ethier mean or didn't talk to me

Favorite mods: lenshu,ninjustu and mushu

Do you have Discord,Skype dicord I have to make one for got old password
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In-game name:dragoslat (cookoo i know)
Age:i am 14 years old now
Belt:i am a Black Belt
Forum Activity:if im honest you will basicly be seeing a blue moon if i post
In-game Activity:I am very constant {If im not on every day im outside or grounded most likely}
Toribash Experiance: I dont understand at full content but i got the jist of it,My toribash experiance has been great i love the game and i have been able to meet new friends and foes
Hobbies:My hobbies are swimming,fishing,gaming, and playing cards
Reason:I would like to be in this clan because i love to have a community around me to play with and as you said it is happy and joyful the other reasons are that i love toribash and that i love the name of the clan
Favorite mods:Mushu,Akido,and im fine with all others other than non competitave ones
Discord or Skype:I have both of these contact me on Skype:Eclipse Nightmare, ot at Discord at Animeflipper #3911
Name: BloodyCups
Age: Seventeen Y/O
Belt: 2nd Dan Black Belt
Forum activity: I guess it depends. Not EXTREMELY active, to be honest.
In-game activity: I'm active a lot of the time, I don't have a set "Play Toribash" time.
Toribash experience In one month of joining, I was a black belt. I've been taking a few breaks here and there over the years and I'm getting back into it.
About your life: I just graduated from high school, but I do have a job. I work at 3:30 PM, EST. on Sunday, Monday, Friday, and Saturday. I'm free Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
Why do you want to join: Y'all seem cool. I just need a clan to chill with. I'm pretty decent at any aikido-based mod.
Favorite mods: Greykido.tbm, Aikido.tbm, XSpar.tbm, AikidoBigDojo.tbm, and Classic.
Do you have Discord/Skype: My Skype isn't used as much as my Discord, but my Skype name is piagued. My Discord is BloodyCups / Schrodinger#4136
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i would like to test both of you ingame. I haven't been on forums much lately due to all the wars we have been doing I will try to check more often atleast once a day maybe twice.

My name is UltraVortx, i am a 12 yr old but very close to 13 and i am a orange belt in Toribash. Even know i am only a yellow belt i beat a 3rd dan black belt, a blue belt, and a brown belt (Im not joking). If you don't believe me ask my friend butlikker. I have recently discovered the forum and i found out it is the only way I can equip stuff because of my computer. So i go on this a lot and i have been playing Toribash for a year now (i made a new account 3 or 4 times so i have some experience) and i LOVE it because of the fact i can make my guy do whatever weird stuff comes into my head. I am a year Seven at my school and i do martial arts at my local Teakwondo place. I want to join this clan because 1. I am a huge fan of Naruto 2. my friend is in this clan 3. the name sounds really cool. My favourite mod is judo and i have discord, my name in discord is Josh. (if i am not accepted into the clan i will not wine and cry)

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