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imapirate`s mp spar`s and freeruning
hello, ill post here my freerunning replays from now on u guys can watch them and comment cnc is appreaciated.
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freerungakizs.rpl (787.6 KB, 97 views)
hmm reviving this thread with some fresh replays :3

first is a spar with rubber99 and the second one is some tricking with alaistier :3

CnC plz :P
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Bleh.rpl (646.7 KB, 42 views)
tricking with ala.rpl (955.9 KB, 58 views)
y no comments ? D:

also here is a spar with ferrock :3
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spar ferrock2.rpl (522.7 KB, 48 views)
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wow pirate nice replays and i love your signature raving rabids are beast boii and tricking was nice indeed im most contribute so u will make more !!!! O.o
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