Way to bump a week old thread with a pointless comment.

/ontopic: This should be sent to the hall of glory fo sho.
the inner machinations of my mind are an enigma
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Omg pigandcow this is the longest welcome thread thingy ever... You are truly EPIC!!! Gimme a shout if you ever need something, ok?
<Icky> Butler is the worst es
<Reta> can I fire him yet ?
Sup, lil' bacon/steak friend! I hope you're having a nice day in the community!
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Snipin' is a good job, mate!
Cow and Pig, a bit like Yin and Yang, but in this case they arent sniffing each others butts.

Also pigandcow greetings and nice to meet you I see that you have already attracted a fan club from the gms and stuff upon you return, are you bribing them to do that ?
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I don't check the forums or go in-game anymore, I have quit.