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Quality of life improvements from someone who spends too much time making replays
Toribash will probably always be my favourite game, or at least among my favourite, but as someone who probably sinks too much time into playing around with it, there are just a couple glaring flaws that stand out to me.

1- Bleeding from extremely light contact with objects- If you've ever seen a parkour replay with blood turned on, you know what I'm talking about. Feet should not bleed when running on any surface. I don't know much about coding, but I'd assume that since bruises scale with impact, blood could too. (fixed)

2- Inflexible default camera- This has gotta be the biggest one that irks me. At this point, I feel like the majority of replaymakers are making replays that don't involve uke. The default camera is great for orbiting your tori and making adjustments with ease, but as soon as you go within a certain proximity to uke, you're no longer orbiting around your tori and you now orbit around a point inbetween the two. This makes it pretty uncomfortable to play, since you're going super far away or super close to your tori as you orbit. Of course, you could switch to free cam, but this is far less convenient for making adjustments.

As far as I know, the only way to really fix this ingame is to have the foresight to change the engage distance to being far enough away from uke to not lock onto him with the camera (or edit the coordinates of uke if you're in a mod that uses position, which is even less intuitive). On top of that, if you've already started a replay and you want to have the camera orbit your tori, you have to open the replay in notepad and change a certain value from 2 to 1, which I really don't think should be a thing people have to do to make it nicer to play.

Since your camera is already orbiting your own tori, no matter the distance to your opponent in multiplayer, I think it'll be possible to add this as an option in singleplayer without too much trouble. I'm aware that this could probably be done with an lua script but god knows how those things work.
Thanks to whoever reads my ramblings
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