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nobody cares about Litre's Replay Thread
G/day people, just thought that I would create a replay thread consisting of shit replays and good replays, one or two of them might have my old account 'AudioVixen' on it but rest assured that was me a good 7 or so years ago, hoping to get more replays and stuff like that and eventually make another lil montage for youtube or whatever, see if I can get a few people interested in the game once again,

Criticism is always welcome and advice as well, the replays that you're about to see have been somewhat half assed but they look semi professional,

i miss nuthug

also, feel free to drop your replays too I like watchin stuffs
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sparring with sabre.rpl (567.2 KB, 3 views)
I am a mistake-Litre (1).rpl (112.0 KB, 5 views)
a Litre of [l]Liquor, a Litre of Piss
What is the water bottle's favorite game to play?
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