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best replays
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these are osm bro gj.

Ebinous - that was cool, but the opener was stiff, and you hit your head on Uke.

that's all, keep making these, man. :DD
replays pls cnc me
So, hi.

Opener looked a little weird to me, punches looked weak.
Still, it had nice flow

[11:09:08 PM] Bliss(Kam): i dun cnc tricking
[11:09:13 PM] Asd Muun: now you do

Since you're being mean, I'll have to cnc this.
Well, it looked ok. Needs more air-time though.
I woulden't fully recommend posting multiplayer replays in the sp replay thread. Go to the subforums, Aka multiplayer replay thread, This replay thread might be removed by some of the mods
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Nu. Replay hacking is bad. Dun do et.

The attempt at a head spin was good at the beginning but.. soon failed at the end.
Keep practicing.


Lovely replay. Nice movement, flow, etc.

First kick kinda ruined it a little, though. Also, it needs more dms.
Still, nice replay.
Opener was kinda wierd but I guess in a good-ish way, you could continue it way better then that though. Using a grab just to get a split is boring try doing something else with that opener if you are up to it.