i liked the replay "blink" the first kick split uke with ease, the spins were pretty cool and you managed to get enough momentum to bring up that kick. the opener was nice but that left arm made it look weird but it hey, not everything is perfect ;)
after the first kick, i love how you kept your balance on your left hand to then spin your self to that decap, another thing that made the replay annoying was that decap... which you could easily fix by not holding that knee... it made it look lazy so you could extend it. other than those two things the replay was good <3
it pleases me to see how you gradually get speed in your spins, you started spinning slowly and before I could notice you were spinning really fast. First dm/boom hit is my favorite, the punch was pure sex and uke's ass flying away looked awesome too. Everything else is OK imo

good job you two
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Welcome to Hell 2 was very nice, i love how you two built your momentum with a bunch of spins to put some style into the replay.
your spins suddenly changes speed completely at frame 300 until the first punch which was weird so you could work on that
the first punch was marvellous, it got a sick 3 piece which made the torso and abs go flying which i loved and it put UKE in a good position for that kick to the head, i feel like the grab wasn't necessary and you could have avoided it but i personally don't mind that much, the 1 thing i've notice that you do a lot in your replays is you hold your knee as soon as you DM UKE and it makes it looks ugly and way too stiff.
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