fuck me it glitched

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shit replay ngl.rpl (298.0 KB, 14 views)
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suck my dicknballs

it sucks that this glitched because it's a real nice replay. Love the opener, catches your eye immediately (makes me jealous ). I can't tell if the first of the two kicks in the replay is sloppy or its just glitching but it looks kind of off-center. The boom at the end is okay but for all that build up and nice movement the dms you get are a little lackluster. I think with some tweaking you could get a really big "Tadaa!" hit from that.
<BISH> kick chan my modes are moving on their own~
tnx for cnc

pls dont be glitched
the kick in the first one was kinda shit so here's a (hopefully) less shit version
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dontmindtheotherone.rpl (330.1 KB, 9 views)
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suck my dicknballs

i made a collab with weed and we made 2 different endings so heres both

also im back
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helplss.rpl (284.0 KB, 9 views)
suck my dicknballs

its about fucking time jeez.

i feel like you've used this opener already in one of your old replays, i could be chatting shit right now but idk, i'd careless if you've used this opener anyways, it does its job nicely, maybe if you kicked the ground harder you could've gotten into a way better launch pos to uke, but i like how whoever did the tippy-toe part did it and and the split out of the kick was fairly clean.

hook kick was meh, but the boom was hot af damn i still dont understand how everyone gets dms so easily T_T, the transition to the torso is big cock was better, it went along really well and it kept the consistent flow of the replay throughout the dm session.

you still got it bb. don't leave again bb pls.

oh hey i didnt disappear after 2 weeks
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suck my dicknballs