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A Thread of Nub Replays
eh decided to start over cause my other one was messy :v
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#EM - blurred lines.rpl (288.1 KB, 43 views)
why does it take so long for me to make replays D:
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Ambitious lazy manip-split: I really really liked this!

I'll be honest, your opener sucked. The manipulation on the other hand is a different story. It was clean and smooth, and you picked really good places to hit uke and make him spin. I really hate it when people repeatedly hit their heads off Uke in their replays, and you did that here, so that's kind of a bummer, but the manipulation lasted a long time and I like to see that in a replay. The ending was lazy, I'd go for much more dms than just a split.

Well done, 9/10
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well prepare for my unoriginalness
thanks skywhale i appreciate when people cnc m8 c:
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Holy shit man. That manip was hella awesome, no stiff movements. I can't say much about it because all I can say is that it's awesome. Maybe the first DM should have been a splitkick, or a kick that DM's both arms
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Thanks, B4CKST4B appreciate it c:
I didn't feel like doing anything fancy in this one lol
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#em - boys and girls.rpl (144.3 KB, 29 views)
Your movements were nice and fluid It's always nice to see stuff like that.

You made a tricking/decap replay, which is nice, that corkscrew before the decap was great. (NOTE: Everything you did was fancy to be honest )
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