Your tricking is pretty freakin` cool just need to work on those transitions, but i like your style either way. I'll need a second opinion from Jisse and marrez, but it's a yes for a trial from me.
Name:PlsDontKillMe Real Name:Shehab
Player Card:
About yourself:I Play FootBall In my Club I Have Born To Play FootBall,And I Work On My Realisim In ToriBash Almost All The Time I Spar 4 Spars In A Day And Do Tricking
Reason for Joining:S7 There Is Alot Of Respected Members In Dat Clan And I Feel Dat U Are My Close Friedns Even I buy A chest Texure I wish I Can Get A yes So I can Put S7 Logo
Did anyone invite you?:No One but Dobby I Asked Dobby To Apply
Rate how good you're at tricking(low: 1-3: medium:4-6 High:7-10):[7]
Your best Replays:Below
Spar With Cacrot Wip V3.rpl

Tricking V10.rpl

xspar me- dezari v1.rpl

xspar me-joope1 v4.rpl

And I Like To Take Risks To Achive Creativity.
here it is double cork
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~Risk Every Thing
Sparred you in game, your pretty nice, so yes as far as your fighting, I'm leaving the tricking judgment up to other S7 members, good luck
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No to pdkm. Just no. He is very cocky and annoying
I like obe(mitchell) as a person but haven't seen any of his replays in a looooong time. He is a good old friend of mine so I am neutral until i can watch the replays.
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Hi, i'm Hayabusa8 my name is Valentin i'm 16 & i live in France (GMT+1).

About myself...i study in High School i go in Scientific classroom, i did 2 years of Taekwondo i stoped until Blue belt.
About Toribash i'm more focused about Madmans, Sparring, Parkour but i don't make a lot of Tricking replay it's not my main goal & i need practice.
I constantly looks for originality and creativity, as well as the difficulty in my replays.
Nobody invited me, i decided to apply here because i feel at home, people in this clan are renowned replaymakers & i want to be a part of a clan.
I would say i'm medium in tricking, it's a 6/10 for me, i dont know if its because of my style.
About Skype, i don't know if its really usefull because i will have difficulty to speak orally in english but if i have to give it i'll do it.


Attached Files
#Hayabusa - [T] - ElecTRICK.rpl (539.7 KB, 6 views)
#Hayabusa - [M] - Apo.rpl (736.5 KB, 5 views)
#Hayabusa - [S] - Katana.rpl (1.63 MB, 7 views)
#Hayabusa - [T] - VTrick.rpl (708.6 KB, 7 views)
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[LoP] | [TMM]
Player Card:
About yourself:I'm sure you will get to know me well ;)
Reason for Joining: Like to make replays and enjoy plying tb
Did anyone invite you?:No
Rate how good you're at tricking(low: 1-3: medium:4-6 High:7-10):5
Your best Replays: I have just got a new pc so I only have a few
Skype:I don't know, I will have to find you
Attached Files
Z- Night Shadows.rpl (101.4 KB, 4 views)
TaDa.rpl (87.6 KB, 3 views)
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I'll invite Cmitchell and Hayabusa, they'll be cool as students and i think they can learn a lot from us.

PDKM we invited you to our skype group to get to know you more.

Sorry to inform ya but it's a no to you Zorow gain experience in Tricking and other realism mods
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I don't care if hayabusa is invited to trial already, im still saying yes
No to Obediah, I love the guy as a person and I also like his creativity but he doesn't really know how to perform the tricks correctly. He also has great speed but 0 realism. Once he gets a bit more skill under his belt and understands how to trick without looking derpy for half of it he should apply again.
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