Name/Username: rudolph23m
Age: 14
Country: UK/England


Describe your activity on forum and ingame: I am very active ingame, from 6PM+ (GMT) and the forum not so much, however if I am required to become a full member then I shall post more

Will you be participating in events/wars: I will definitely try to participate in wars since this is one of the main reasons I wish to join a clan .

What other online games do you play: I am active in: TB, CS:GO, TF2, sometimes Dota 2 and some Terraria


Why have you decided to apply to Black pentagram: I really want to join for the experience of battling other clans and such, but I have also played on the recruitment server and everyone from there seemed cool and nice.
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I play everyday Toribash
I participate to tournaments
I have decicate to you join because I love our clan and I listen Judas priest and Powerwolf
Rudolph and karjho.
I'm so sorry!
I'm really bad at remembering to check the recruitiment thread xD
I will invite you to the clan as a trial member.
Please remember to post on the discussion thread as much as possible.
If you don't, you will be kicked from the clan and If you do you will have a better chance of becoming a full member.

Again I'm really sorry that I didn't respond to the ap!
Name/Username: EvolvedER
Country:South Africa


Im just about 24/7 Online in game and forums and i also design art
I will be doing events and wars due to the fact ill do any challenge even if it seems impossible
Ive decide to apply because i think this clan will be number 1 soon and i also want to be able to help with that as well as i think this is a really good clan

We hope to see you soon
Name/Username: Muuhu
Age: 22
Country: Originally from Denmark, but currently residing in Sweden


Describe your activity on forum and ingame:
Hard to describe "Wordly" things. Im on now and then, mostly if i know something is happening. thats on forum.
I'm in game whenever i have the time for it.

Will you be participating in events/wars:
If its Judo, and its not colliding with work/other apointments sure.
I have a lot of animals to care for i work in Borås Djurpark.

Are you active and have an interest in games: I love my games, as long as i have someone to play with/agianst.

What other online games do you play:
The list is long, i think it would be easier to list which i don't/havent played...
Actually even that isen't easy... Oh, wait i know! Nvm..


Why have you decided to apply to Black pentagram:
One of your members thought i should apply, and the activity seemed better than my former clan.

We hope to see you soon

As do i.
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Muuhu welcome to the clan. Please remember post on the discussion thread.
EvolvedER if you wouldn't mind, can I see your art before I accept you into the clan?
If your art is good I will accept you without hesitation but if it is not I might have to see you play ingame first.
Hey guys! My real name is Spencer, i am 14 years old (turning 15 this month) and i am on every day for the most part. I am not that forum active but i make up for it with in game activity. I don't really play any other games.I would love to participate in wars . If you have any questions about my in game skill talk to Gambi c:. Have a good day everyone