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Second fpt
So, I got dual hand flames and a stable head flame. The stable flame needs a different fpt then the hands ofcours.
So it came to my mind to be able to equip a second flame particle texture.
Then you need to put your flames+the fpt in 1 set and then the fpt would only work with that flame. Then you make a second set with another flame+another fpt.

I think it would be possible.
oppinions please.
Rapid Threads Lmod.
Got any questions? Feel free to ask!

I don't think it'd be that hard to script in, and it could be quite useful.
Yeah, supported.
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Multiple FPTs
I think this was a thread, but, I can't seem to find it.
Anyway, I think being able to buy multiple fpts and also choose which fpt affects which flame would be a bonus for some people.
e.g using a globe flame and a hand flame at the same time.
[19:59] <Lazors> man it's a good thing people don't see what i write here
Demmit sky, I had this idea for a while now but you made the thread first :P
Anyways, I plan on having multiple flames in the future, and it would be great to have different fpt's for each flame. Also, being able to disable the fpt for certain flames that you don't want the texture on will maybe make some people happy :>
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Each flame should have its own FPT or
Remove fpt entirely and make each flame support it's own texture

I rly think this is a step fwd
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also 3d flame particle models would be cool too but ppl might make penises. if that is moderated properly (ie 30 dollar req to item forgers) it could be very cool
art horder. i like art.
mod requests:
I support this, it is really annoying that you can only have one fpt.

Maybe make it like the valkyrie stuff like we can change flame texture without having a fpt
We've had to delete a lot of useless posts from this thread, please go read the rules regarding useless comments.

Comments such as "Supported because people wont look ugly anymore" are not useful in any way and dont add to the idea

Not much to add to the idea?
Can we get an tag on this thread like elevated or wil not be implemented...just to know
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