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Prime and vip on steam
So a little suggestion, boosters are available on steam now. Why not make it possible to buy toriprime and forum VIP through steam. Doesnt sound like a bad idea to me
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thank you finally someone other than me thought of this. supported I really want Vip so I can do betting servers without wasting money or having to ask other vips also those forum perks are nice. also it is a known fact that paypal requires a social security card number which not to many people between 12 and 17 have access to. steam is a easier way to both add money to the account and to spend money from the account. (without credit card or ss card
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Supported, i am pissed by that i dont have a CC that i can use to buy with paypal, and steam would be a lot more easy. Supported. But if you put a price like 20$ for Prime and 15$ for VIP i will say pass. 10$ prime and 7$ vip like now is fair enough.
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i'm pretty sure sir had said somewhere that all transactions of real money will be soon available via steam. sounds good though.
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