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Mobile flame browser
Ok so I just thought it would be cool to have a flame browser for those who use mobile devices for marketing. I got this idea from sadiesbaby. For example, your looking to buy flames with your mobile device, but the threads show only the flame id or maybe a screenshot. You can't see how the flame flows through a screenshot. Also, some people post flames with the flame particle texture still on it and they cant remove it cos of a glitch. It would also be cool if it was an app or an online feature to browse flames and buy them when your away from your computer.
It would kind of weird for Nabi to go out of their way to develop a phone app for Toribash for the people who want to market flames (which is pretty low, people wise) or just look at the pretty flame colors.
How hard is it to boot up your computer, open a browser up, type, login, and the look at the pretty flames? In fact, you used the forum on your computer to post this suggestion.
But, I gotta admit it'd be cool to be able to post on a phone.... if I had one
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perhaps a better solution would be to add an option that allows the user to attach a thumbnail (or some standard size like 512x512px) of a picture of the flame to the actual flame item, similar to a normal texture. of course, you could easily put the picture of a different/better flame in that place to trick people, but that can be dealt with. i don't think a mobile flame browser is a realistic idea.
^ instead of a thumbnail, just clicking the flame and having an image attached (spoiler maybe?) would be best.

People who would upload a false flame picture than the one that is in the flame could face penalty for it. There isn't some sort of mobile app for the forum in general (tapatalk or whatever works apparently). So I doubt something like this would be made.
This should be very effective for marketeers. Well I also doubt that something like this would be made in a short time.
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totally unnecessary. The person selling the flame can easily make a gif or an mp4 video with the flame - you can instantly do it with gyazo, and it is extremely easy to use. This should be encouraged when selling flames, rather than having to create a whole new app just for mobile users have access to ingame flames.