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Scam on bet server
08.09.15 I joined to bet server with operator Swosh, his motd said nudges 10tc to dp, i added 10tc to decapprize and ask Swosh nudge me. But he said "u must add 99000k for nudge". I asked back my tc but he didnt, after he changed motd and said "u got no proof". It was blatant power abuse.
Scam - it scam and amout doesnt matter, Swosh must be punished.
since i was also op of the server, i feel responsible. Ill send you 10tc, even though i can't believe you're taking this that serious... considering you're a custom belt and been registered since 2012. But okay

You've sent 11 TC to Poxpox. +1tc for the trouble.

Edit: oops i thought you were talking about a different server. oh well hes a good friend/ clanmate of mine. debt paid
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i sent you the 10 tc now and i am sorry for my bad behavior wont happen again :P
making a thread for 10tc srsly ?
now close it pls
Aadame:I'm very signaturable
It's just no one usues my shit .
Its not about the tc. He felt ofennded for your bs. He expected that nudge etc.
Ps Viddah tried so hard to be funny
i blame viddah for that report cuz he changed the motd to that without me knowing it :<