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About Minibash.
From what I have been reading, Minibash has totally keeled over.

Well if that truly is the case I wouldn't mind getting a hold of the source for it and attempting to revive.

All In all I don't think it was all that bad? It was different from TB itself but it wasn't terrible, and I think it just got really underrated and flopped (Not to mention the crap ton of bugs it was released with scared off half the customer base before it even got going.)

So if the original maker is out there, some place, and would like to hand off the torch. Just keep in mind that there are people who would like to take it.
Prod hampa if you want to aim for the source, he's offered it several times when people have had ideas for making similar games. Give him a good enough reason and he might hand out the code.

You'll probably be best e-mailing him for it, don't bother with a forum PM since the odds of him reading it are practically zero & he's pretty much dead on IRC ATM. You can find his addy on the Nabi Studios site

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Well If I can get a hold of it, I could definitely use some help.

I can script a wee bit but my strong suits are modeling and designs.
I am also pretty good at problem solving and working out mechanics.

If anyone would like to help with the revival of Minibash (I would personally like to do it non profit.) Then please let me know.
I think right now what would be most useful would be anyone who is decent at coding.

I am going to see if I can get a team together before bugging Hampa, he seems like a busy guy and ima not waste his time.