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Flames name
It can be cool to allow the owner of a flame to change its name especially when the forger keep the default name "my zawesome flame" ... I don't see any problem to add that *-* and if someone want to know the real name of this flame just add it in the description after the name of the forger.
Doesn't sound bad, can be done. Can see some issues with attempts to rename flames into known ones (such as Gman's stuff) but then again there's also a flame ID displayed so they're easy to check.
Or like I said add the real name in the description like :

( Death Flame )Forged by Nope on 2022-01-31 04:32:17 for the head (300235).

So even if he rename it to a Gman flame name there is the real flame name in the description.
Fear just added the Hovertext, maybe this could be used, so that you're allowed to change the displayed text, but the one that gets displayed will be set to the original name.

Would keep the item still like it is supposed to look like and not too cluttered
That hover text was added as BBcode has no influence on whether or not it could be used in this case: it always could be, it's a fairly simple property to add. I don't really think adding the original name is the necessary part, just make it clear that the forging information is present and available. Most of the abuse could be mitigated just by ensuring that only the original forger can rename it, in my opinion.
if only the forger can rename it you will have to contact him first, maybe the forger have a lot of flames so a lot of requests to change flames name so he might be busy and ignore every request or ppl will have to pay to change their flame name so that sux. That me you need to pay for the flame and the rename so that's not a good idea at all.

@soumynona : you said that only forger should rename it, that means we will have to contact him so he change the flame name even if it's my inventory for example ? or you mean we will have to send it back to him so he change it then resend ?

First case : Forger change it even if it's on my inventory

So the forger can put whatever he want as a name when he want. Ok you will add like a confirmation like for safetrades, still am 100% sure forgers will ask for tcs or the forgers are players who left the game so no name change...

Second case : Send back/ change name/ resend.

So we have to contact him first if he left tb so rip, let's say he is active and he is a known forger for example he will have a lot of name change request so he might be busy and ppl will wait months to get a name change for something they already bought and players will also have to pay for name change...

At the moment i think the idea of giving the power to the owners to change the flame like they want and when they want but adding the original name in description is the best.
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A better option would be to have the space where you enter the flame's name empty, and then make it a required field. It will at least force the forger to name it something that he came up with.
Ugh I already added it about a week ago on dev server, just forgot to post here. Flame name changing will become public once other updates are ready and merged.