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Auto kick afk players from "Quick" rooms
Since there's only 4 slots it's kind of dumb to have 2 dudes taking up slots for hours on end. Kick them after x minutes
In favor of this completely. I hate waiting for the Quick ABD to open, but it never does because there's 2 afk dudes in there.
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maybe after 20 mins of inactivity they get booted? I know the pain of having to wait ages for an afk to leave a quick aikido room

If this idea implemented, I would suggest to turn it into command means ( On/Off Stuffs ).
It would be a problem on spar servers or any kind of time-consuming things, ppl waiting on the replays.
Yeah, obv.

It would only be on like popular OFFICIAL servers or somethin
I miss [Origin] | Oldy Of This Game|
You probably shouldn't be AFK in a server with 4 maxclients. Missing your match happens, but shouldn't take more than 5 minutes for you to notice.

Should be implemented.
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Quick Aikido
We shouldn't be able to Spectate or being afk in Quic Aikido rooms since there is only 4 spots.

What you guys think about this?

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Afk players in rooms
I suggest that afk players get autokicked out of lobbies since they take up space and create pseudo-players in roomlist which is just annoying to join into.

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i think it should be that u can be in spectator for the course of like 3 or 4 matches then get kicked