Im with Detacher tried Swexx and Mocucha style and here is the result!!!
SonnyMSF - Swexx
Detacher - Mocucha
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ActingSpar Swexx vs Mocucha.rpl (582.3 KB, 54 views)
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Ahah, impressive

For the swexx flow : Turn more on yourself (360 or more). For my flow : Be more agressive.

I like how my tori look like massive and how swexx's tori look like lighter.
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My Youtube channel : Mocucha Toribash

Helloww spectators !
I've improved my style ( so now i looks bit straight, and i've learned some spinning guide )
Here spar with FreeFlash ( Check out his thread !!! )
And WIP spar with my best buddieh R0i !
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@FreeFlash 2.rpl (459.8 KB, 21 views)
@R0i.rpl (685.0 KB, 25 views)
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Thank you for posting a link to my thread!
It was awesome sparring with you...

Ooh its no probs !
And same to spar with you
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