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World of Warcraft

If you've been living under a rock for the last 5 years, you won't know about World of Warcraft. Seeing how it's pervaded
pretty much every media facet and been mentioned in every pop culture outlet in existence, though, it isn't likely.

Nonetheless, I'll give you all a quick rundown.

In World of Warcraft (WoW) you can choose from 10 races, each with a different combination of available
classes, who in turn have different roles and abilities to play in the game. Each class also has three different
Talent trees which determine what role they will play and which abilities they use most often (I'll go in depth later on).

The goal of the game is to get your character to the maximum level by completing quests and killing things, gaining EXP.
You must also collect ingame currency (copper, silver and gold) to purchase goods from other players and vendors.
You can also earn gear to improve your characters' stats, making his abilities do more damage and making it
less susceptible to damage.

The ten races are also split into two factions, Alliance and Horde. These factions can face off in Arenas or other
player vs. player (PvP) settings and fight in the game.

Blood Elves

Night Elves

Class Roles
Keep the enemy off his teammates and soaks up as much damage as possible. The group relies on him to keep from being severely damaged.

Keeps the group alive with healing spells that replenish lost health.

DPS (Damage Per Second)
Their job is to deal damage to the groups' opponents.

Class Breakdown (click the name of the class for more details from the official site)

Can deal damage and take it just as well. They can wear all types of armor and use all weapons (besides wands).
They are a basic close-combat melee class that can also "tank" (or take damage and keep the enemy attacking them for the purpose of keeping the team alive).

The warlock's sole purpose is to deal massive amounts of damage in a variety of ways.
The warlock can also summon demons to do his bidding. He can only wear cloth armor, making him vulnerable to harm.

The druid can fill all three class roles (healing, damage, and tanking) by shapeshifting into different organisms
(tree form for healing, cat and owlkin form for melee and spell damage, respectively, and bear form for tanking).
They are a very versatile class and can be powerful both early and late-game.

The shaman is a master of the elements, and can call on the powers of earth, fire, water and wind to empower (or "buff") their allies,
curse their enemies, and heal their team. Another versatile class, they can deal both melee and spell damage and wear cloth, leather,
and mail armor (chain mail becomes available after level 40).

The hunter uses long-range weapons (bows, crossbows and guns) to deal damage from afar, and has the ability to tame animals to fight with him.
While hunters aren't very versatile, only able to deal ranged damage effectively, they are good at what they do.
They can wear leather and mail armor (chain mail becomes available at level 40).

The mage uses frost, fire, and the arcane to deal direct damage from far away, lobbing bolts of ice and flame at his oppenents and
channeling arcane missiles to cause large amounts of harm. He can only wear cloth armor, however.

The priest is an effective healer of his allies, and is able to cast some of the most powerful buffs in the game.
However, he can also call on the powers of shadow to deal damage over time to his enemies and leech their health, as well as control their minds.

The paladin is a combination of the Warrior and the Priest. Calling on the powers of all that is holy, he can deal retribution
to his enemies with melee damage and heal his friends just as well. He can wear all types of armor and most weapons.

The rogue is a stealthy assassin who deals damage in bursts and with poisons. He can turn invisible to strike his foes, and
while he doesn't hit hard with single strikes, he can easily decimate a foe in a matter of seconds with his insane speed.
He can wield two weapons at once (one-handed weapons only) and wear cloth and leather armor.

Death Knight
The Death Knight is the newest addition to World of Warcraft, and becomes available after you reach level 55 on any character.
He is capable of both dealing damage and tanking, and can wield two weapons at once in addition to the Warrior and Rogue.
He specializes in using dark magic to strengthen his melee blows, and can use all types of armor and most weapons.


Talents: A Quick Guide

Each class has three talent trees that improve one aspect of their play. Talents do not become available until level 10,
but from that point on every time you level up you receive one talent point, which can be spent on an individual talent.
While I won't go in-depth for each class, here are a few examples.

Remember how the Druid could perform all three class roles effectively? To do so, he would have to change his talent tree.
The Druid's talent trees are Restoration, Balance, and Feral. The restoration tree is for healing, and gives you access to
Tree of Life form at level 50. This tree makes your healing spells more powerful, but impacts your ability to take
and deal damage (because you're giving up points in the Feral and Balance trees). Feral is the tree for dealing damage
and tanking in Cat and Bear form, respectively. It improves the amount of damage you do in those forms and increases
your capacity to tank. Balance improves your ability to cast powerful spells and gives you access to Owlkin form.

Some talents, however, benefit you no matter what tree you specialize (or "spec") in.


There's a lot more to the game, but I strongly recommend you download the 10-day free trial HERE and find out for yourself!


World of Warcraft Official Site


(WoWWiki is a compendium of information on bosses, enemies, Player vs. Player, talents and everything that is
World of Warcraft. It is an excellent guide for both beginners and experienced players alike).


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The Big List of Toribashian WoWfaegs.

US Servers

EU Servers

RU Servers

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Oyster- Oyster/Garrosh

You might want to go over the different types of roles
(tank, dps, heals)

I logged out in the wrong gear too >.>
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You might want to go over the different types of roles
(tank, dps, heals)

I logged out in the wrong gear too >.>

Good idea, I'll add that now.
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Nice thread, I was going to do this sometime but was too lazy.
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Oh lawds a WoW thread.

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(I'll play those if you play with me :3)

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