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Its probably for the best, 300~ ping is dumb

It would be about 180-300 depending on where in the US the servers were :P

180 is playable with most classes.
Thanks a bunch for makin' everything purty while I was gone, Eleeleth.

There are a shitload of WoW players hereabouts, we should all go do something together somehow.
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I think we should roll on a realm where we have a main, so we can get money for the guild

Na, we can just farm raw materials if we need gold badly.
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I'm just going to go ahead and say that our casual TB guild alts are gonna roll on Ysondre.

Oyster ^
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Na, we can just farm raw materials if we need gold badly.

Oyster ^

Yeah, we just need to figure out what faction to roll, as well as what we all want to play.
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Sadly, i may not be leveling too much with you guys, but, if anyone of you want to add my realid, PM me about it.
I HATE leveling with a severe passion.
I simply cannot stand it, sorry :S
Leveling is my favorite part of WoW, hands-down.

Oh yeah, my realid is [email protected] (shhhhocker) if anyone of y'all wants it.

watching in 480 is a must, and pref. on youtube =]

a little vid i made a while ago, a combination of world of warcraft and final fantasy =]
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I have a boatload of IRL friends with multiple level 80's and some gold on Garrosh if y'all are up for it. I need to level my warrior anyway, it should be hella fun if we all play together.
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real ID is
[email protected]
Let's add each other and have a WoW orgy or some shit
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