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@kitfox: oh wait, apparently I am old but not forgotten? Not even sure.

Also, I don't think I ever official said "hey thanks hampa, that's cool" for that one version number that had my name attached to it.

Hey thanks hampa, that's cool.

And that silly aikido lift kick move. I'm sure it's outdated by now. Grats to nuthug who broke my hip on the first turn though. I think that was pretty much the only move to completely screw up the move within the first turn. Most everyone else just forced it into wrestling in the second turn.

Am I still in one of the default replays?

Do I still have one of the uke openers (lift kick)?
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Am I still in one of the default replays?

Do I still have one of the uke openers (lift kick)?

I'm pretty sure you're not in the default replays anymore. ._.

yeah, uke has the opener.
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Can you show off your most legendary lift kicks in some replays?
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These are old. I think everyones seen them.
I don't think they are all Aikido. It's mostly just fun saves.
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