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New Year, New Legends - 2018 Edition!


Known for being the Event Squad's grandpa, an all-around staff member, an ex-ORMO recruiter, a taekkyon pioneer and a Grade A toilet sniffer.
he also made erthtk, the most ESPORT of all mods


He's a previous community manager and clan administrator. Also previously known as the CLAN BUTCHER.


One of the modern age replay pioneers, and is unparalleled in the art of mod-making. If you're looking for a new-age replay-making idol, this is your man.

Just gonna put this one out, WHAT THE FUCK TOOK YOU SO LONG.

Congratz Jisse, long deserved, same to Erth and Gynx <3

This is the bestest of days, thank you so much friends

I'm not the best at showing gratitude but this meme from my D&D group sums up my reaction pretty well

Expect a fat replay this weekend and an even fatter legend thread very soon

always remember the most important thing!
you have a yellow name and they dont!
art horder. i like art.
mod requests:
Long time coming, congrats to all 3
[21:55] Icky: How the fuck can i make witty lines about blossoms without going full weeb
Congrats to my buddy Erth, knew you'd get there someday.

Also congrats to the amazing replaymaker, and modmaker who inspired me to get into modding on here, Jisse.

As for gynx, never knew you well enough to say something on a personal-ish level, but hearing what you've done with clans in all, it's amazing atleast in my view.
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