What move do you hate in sparring?
Did you spar mocucha or jisse?
What do you hate most in aikido or abd?
The Bomb Squad
Alright lets do this.

Turtle: I don't think that I kow that much about fluidity or realism, all I can say is that at some point (don't remember when) some random neurons made the proper connectios and after that I was able to understand how tori works.
Art you say? pff you don't know me then... I am the best artist that ever lived... lol I only made a set once, didn't work out that well.
My set was made by a russian guy, who's name I don't remember. Also he got his name changed so.. yeah. Then 13chillz edited the set.
No problem man and thanks.

AlphaNOOB: Lot of people have asked that same question. I will give you a proper answere but first I want to respond to every one in here. I will post abut sparring later.

Valterian: Thanks.

Qukslice: I think we all started doing something close to the "Youtube run" after that once you understand how to control your balance then you just improvise every time since you'll have a solid base.
But yeah look at rune's post he gave you a proper answere. Thanks rune.

Rune: Like I told alpha I will write a lengthy post about tis subject later on. I'm sorry that I just told you "its borring" after getting asked so many times, thats my asshole way of avoiding the question. And no its not the same about parkour.
Thanks for the nice comment, I appreciate that. Much love brother.

Mack: Haha... Well when chillz was editing my set I asked him to do the face. I'm a big fan of the metalgear series so I told him to do something close to bigboss (you know bad ass) I never wanted the eye patch but its my fault since I never told him not to.

Lotramus: I have no idea man, I'm so out dated. I guess every one is pro now.
I don't know who potram is.
Shoveling... mmm well if it's a new or unexperienced player then I'm fine. When it comes to skilled players I think its super cheap. But hey some peps just care about winning so it depends.
Not sure what mushu is, is it just a vertion of wushu?

Orko: That replay man... hahaha that should be in a hall of fame.

Skywhale: So favorite type of replay to make... hmm... I'd say unorthodox stuff like sports and some other crazy shit. Thanks for your nice comment.

Lecture: Like I told the other guys I will get on that subject later on.
Yes I have sparred with mocucha and jisse in the past.
Hate is such a strong word, lets change it to dislike. I don't think there is any thing wrong with the mods, I just dislike playing against people that consider winning a much more important thing than having fun.
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Good day Dr. Freud
largeKilla you totally deserve that legend status. When the legends came i was like "what?! Where's largeKilla?" You always have been my favorite and the greatest spar and parkourer out there.
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"raawr says the dinosaur right?"
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*twitches violently*
Valterain1 was defeated by hermaphrodite on Oct 17, 2015.
I could not sleep in peace until you got legend. Congrats!
You were the first person i saw that made a smooth run and that's what got me into parkour. I thank you for that

Q: Do you think you will ever be more active ingame?
Parkour like you've never seen before:
What is your favorite Jimi Hendrix song? And do you listen to anything else other than Jimi Hendrix?
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What is your opinion on clans? During the time I've been in the game I've never seen you in one, and I just wanted to know what you thought about them. Saw you were in [eVo]

Will The Team be doing anything anytime soon? It's been rather inactive recently from what I know.

What's your opinion on MAS?

Have you ever played MAS before?

idk what else to ask. I'll probably think of something else soon. Anyways, congrats man. Getting legend must feel pretty awesome ey?
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large congrats on being a legend, i expected this to happen lol

does your name start with small letter 'L' or big letter 'i'? Lel
So what inspired you to spar?