Ya que eres de españa y ahora vives en costa rica , empezare a preguntarte en español.

1) Aparte de la practica , que te llevo a mejorar y seguir jugando toribash , no me gustaria que pusieras cosas "Tipicas" que la gente suele decir ya que en mi opinion yo creo que tu tuviste algun modo diferente de mejorar.

(igual todos tienen su historia de en que orden/manera mejoraron asi que no te preocupes xd )
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lozker: Thanks man, that's very nice of you.

Flash: lol really? I don't remember at all. Thanks.

jkawig: I just remember falling on my back and doing sweep kicks all the time (learned that from wushu)

xrl84life: Thank you, much love brother. About your question well... could be. Though when you are on its usually early for me

Rfifan: Nice question. I'm not sure, I'd say voodoo chile but the original vertion, not voodoo chile slight return. And yes I listen to a lot of outdated stuff. Jazz, blues, funk, instrumental sauce...

error: Clans are great. Thats all I'm going say there.
As for the team we are planning some events but we still need to sort some things out.
I have an idea of what it is tho I have never played "MAS" (I wanted something like it few years back. Now I'm not that interested in it)
And yeah its nice to be a legend tho it changes nothing, I'm still the same. (wait.. gold name weee) xD

eki27: My name starts with a small "L"
On that subject I'll tell you guys how I got my tb name. The story is so complicated and it has so many plot twists that it will be hard to undestand.
Ok here it goes:

My friends irl call me large because I have a large ehm.. because I'm tall. So since the name large was taken I did large + something random(killa) = largekilla. THE END.

TananPro: I'm not sure that I know any aikido technique. What I like to do is make my oponent dq inside the ring with hip throws and such.
I don't get your second question. If you mean where in spain, its close to "puerta de hierro en madrid"

JenssonFTW: Que me llevo a mejorar y seguir jugando? Hmm las personas suelen evadir dicha pergunta debido a que la experiencia es muy subjetiva para cada individuo. Por ende las motivaciones varian de persona a persona.
En mi caso tener rivalidades me fue util, tener un grupo de amigos con los que puedes competir es importante. Tambien que las personas te reconozcan tus habilidades y te den esa resonancia motiva mucho. Por otra parte y esto es mi caso, yo conoci videomakers como mocucha en el 2010 a quienes les hacia replays las cuales podia ver en videos y asi ir superandome a mi mismo.
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Like fo real.

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