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Some very lovely individuals nominated me here for the art that I've created for staff-based projects, primarily for drawing boobs on uke to be slapped on to a pillow. (you're welcome)

Here are some less important artwork that I've created for staff in the past

I'm also the creator of

Ask me anything!
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how the fuck do i beat the hand of the fucking king the guy is an absolute madman
you should post some of the textures you've made you lovely bastard
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hi hagan congrats on legend
free my melanin-enhanced fellow bobby shmurda
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8:21 PM <duck> I'll touch your market all over

August Ames didn't die for this
dont tell creati0n itd be funny

your art is very nice are you left handed or right handed and if so how often?
tsu tsu cuckoo
We couldn't do it without you buddy

Much love

I second Ken's question, do you like being choked?
[4:37 PM] ponf: y'all might think i'm not wild enough to send dick pics over toribash
[4:37 PM] ponf: you'd be wrong
uwu i wuv you uwu
hagan! congrats on the legend dude

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in defense of Aeon, at least no one else is going to make the same mistake again.

hi icky
sup cunt :salute:
wait how long have you been here?