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[REL] [WIP] [MP] HezK's Good Mods! (For real this time)
Whenever i make something i actually put quality time into and enjoy long after its creation im putting it here. Im using a letter grading system to determine my opinions on the mods

A Class

my phone is going to die but i dont want to lose this thread. I will update it asap. Might be in a few hours or 1 day.
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art horder. i like art.
mod requests:

i feel like the room should be a bit bigger to give you more room to move your camera around without clipping through walls

i like the scaling work you did in the density distribution. i personally would have used those values then gone back and redid the strength map, using the difference to calculate lower strength values. it feels like some movements are really quick and stop and go

the room looks really nice. the only gripe i have is how wonky the floor is. it was clever insetting the brown colour to try to give definition to each board, but from most angles you can't even tell that's the case. something like


could help a lot, where you add just subtle variations in the colour. Perfectly uniformly coloured/stained wood flooring is basically nonexistent, anyway.

trim is a nice touch. nice wall colour.

the blue door handle bothers me a little bit for some reason

ping pong table is immaculate, very gorgeous

i see a very high level of play potentially being difficult, having to focus both on standing up and playing the game. i wonder if super heavy/glued feet and a thrust posture assister would help with that
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oh. this is a raw version i made specifically for a certain undisclosed group. body model wise at least. i will take note of that. p gonna do a autostand thrust bc the arms cant fully reach the table. i might redo the floor but it alone took me 4 complete hours at least. i will do the color thing though. dashsora helped guide me through quite a bit and i cant ignore that.
this also appears to be an incorrect version judging from the baseboards around the door.
i moght recycle the door for use on the table and or a radiator.
clipping issues where a major b*tch and took around 2 weeks to annihilate (thanks sora!) i tried making baseboards realistic lengths but floor companies usually just use recycled planks unless its professional. the roof locks bad along with the paddles. i ought to make them either white like the toris are or brown. black doesnt show contrast.
the table should be a lighter grey in the middle and have darker lines.

i would really enjoy playing this with you to see how else this could improve
o shoot thanks for the image!
you might be able to retrieve the newest version from a certain thread in i made this for es. ive been exposed
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art horder. i like art.
mod requests:
lmao i was wondering what that message was about. it's not really undisclosed when it's stated everytime you open the mod (in sp)

you shouldn't need to redo the entire floor, some simple fixes like (potentially?) raising the dark brown under-floor bit and randomizing the board colours a bit should improve the look of it a lot. hopefully that wouldn't take too long.

yeah man hmu later this weekend and we can play together
lemme kmow if you get any clipping issues btw. its fun to see how long you can hit the ball back and forth
art horder. i like art.
mod requests:
can i get the color codes you used for the floor? im having a difficult time getting it right due to the fact that color is percieved differently from different angles. i use freecam so im looking at it directly
art horder. i like art.
mod requests:
i think it was like 255 202 150 and 255 198 156, i didn't actually export the mod

i also sometimes combined the changed values and did like 255 202 156

really only very slight changes, only enough to make it change colour at all
possibly adding something soon... its an actually balanced mod for once!
i'm actually improving by myself help me! something must be wrong!
things are starting to look up in the inspiration department!

edit: another flunk. i might redo it but without snatchable grips or the ability to change hand friction this mod is rip
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art horder. i like art.
mod requests:
big delays, i need to rework the architecture. i dont wanna rush this bc i need to redeem myself seeing as most of my mods are below the standard i say i work at.
art horder. i like art.
mod requests: