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Training Parkour
Training Maps

Diagonal / Stair Run

Wallrun / Walljump
Bars / Slide


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ThzFeyh_Training_5.tbm (3.2 KB, 27 views)
ThzFeyh_Training_6.tbm (3.4 KB, 28 views)
ThzFeyh_Training_7.tbm (5.4 KB, 28 views)
thzfeyh_parkour_1.tbm (4.2 KB, 27 views)
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I'll make a replay on the 4th one later and post it here. They're basic but the mods serve their purpose
Originally Posted by ShrekGod View Post
where is decor?

"wHeRe iS dEcOr".

Seriously though, first of all I think the decor wouldn't fit really well with this type of mods and second of all, I think it'd be more useful to criticise what actually is in these mods, rather than what isn't.
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