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god bro ur stalking the WHAT MADE YOU STOP PLAYING TORIBASH thread why don't you quit already

i literally said i haven't stopped playing yet and i dont plan on stopping can u read moron?
totally offtopic but presto manifesto will always be the best replay in stock in my opinion
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best stock replay will always and forever be "The Test That Stumped Them All"

fr don't know why they removed it
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Tamer0's swing of the clock is basically a better version of test that stumped them all
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Tamer0's swing of the clock is basically a better version of test that stumped them all

Wasn't it edited?

Honest question, I don't remember anymore
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fudgiebalz i dont remember a replay with a long dumb name or explosion at end

a ripe selection for the honourable reader

- "i want harry styles on my body"
- "gary is a smart guy that likes to dance"
- "toribash funny moments episode 1"
- "the tale of the imposter brick"
- "edu for chromebook" (dez came up with it my hands are slightly less bloody!)

pointless(ly / &) long
- "pirate petey peglegs purplebeard"
- "funky ghost riders"
- "Squiggly lines become straight"
- "There's a first time for everything"
- "Smokin' trees & strokin' 3's"
- "And a one and a two..."
- "Adding insult to injury" (i blame moff, jack used to say this a lot)

the rest of my replay names are mostly phrases, song names, alliterations, or concepts i thought were interesting

i don't think i'm guilty of dm explosions, other than on uke (i did hack dms once, eazi set me right. thank you eazi, i mean it.)

but i have been known to relax all once in a while
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