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Hey, my names Modifier

I made my account sometimes in November even though my bro made his in like, 2007. My brothers account is Katzen and I'm sure some of you on the forums know him. So, anyway I just wanted to introduce myself. Hope I'll be welcomed on the community. :]
Does your name say that you like the mod stuff or is it just something that you found cool? :o

Welcome! Yes, the name Katzen rings bells... But I don't remember properly who he was.
EDIT: Oh yeah, I bought Maya Set from him. :v

If you need any help with forums, in game (oh yes, includes how to play Toribash) or anything related to Toribash, feel free to check BDT ;)
We are a group of friendly people that helps new people to get started in Toribash...
So, if you want to ask any kind of question, feel free to ask in our IRC channel #bdt... You can get there from the Chat tab at the top bar of the forums. Hopefully I'll meet you there!
Or if you want to, you can become a member. :o
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