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[Parrot] Vagina-Expulsion Day
Ok so I'm tired of always being the last person to know when someone's birthday is. Everyone tell me your birthday so I can compile a list and sticky it

Hush: January 5th
DruggedPanda: January 16th
AssassinPro: February 13th
SmallBowl: February 13th
rcarey: February 13th
iTemp: March 9th
fallu: March 14th
Ace120: March 17th
Creati0n: March 18th
Jaker: March 22nd
Lamby: April 19th
Tsuion: April 29th
Skulfuk: May 1st (FFS get it right!)
Reta: May 18th
Shawshank: May 22nd
Bodhisattva: May 30th
Static: June 13th
fudgiebalz: June 18th
imapirate: June 21st
Moop: June 30th
Scourge: July 12th
Kyou-kun: July 31st
Leaf: August 2nd
Ele: August 5th
Flames: August 28th
Icky: September 3rd
rainboweye: September 11th
greenblits: September 12th
Rutz: October 16th
liaxo: November 5th
Zockinator: November 11th
That ex-parrot duck prick: November 14th
Swepples: November 28th
tertywerty: December 21st
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one time i had a hair deep in my urethra and when i pulled it out it felt kinda good ~fudgiebalz 2020

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I don't know if I can do this or not but, April 16
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I don't know if I can do this or not but, April 16

yo man do me this solid and get your idiotic fuck socket lookin ass outta here aight

june 18
piece of shit
Mine is May 30th
Need help?
Creati0n says: still my favorite. <3
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